We are My Allergy ID

We are committed to enabling food allergy sufferers to eat worry free by eradicating the stress and debilitation that is often felt when dining out with an allergy.

Our mobile app solution aims to create a digital community between the two million people in the UK suffering from a food allergy, and the people who cook, manufacture and distribute their food.

We aim to digitise, streamline and enhance the transparency of allergen information via a mobile app, to save lives and empower users to be more confident in their food choices no matter where – or what – they choose to eat.

Choose to eat!

Rather than feverishly scanning menus and planning dining options weeks in advance, we are streamlining the food allergen information process, by making it available via our iOS app.

Choose to eat! Join the food allergy revolution as both an individual user and as a business; sign up to our newsletter to find out when our app goes live.

About the team

We are My Allergy ID, a group of under-18 female entrepreneurs from Newcastle. We started My Allergy ID as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme, which we hope to succeed in as well as make an impact on the wider catering and food manufacturing industries.

We hope to empower sufferers of food allergies by providing them with the tools to be able to make more informed decisions about what they eat, regardless of where and what they are eating. Our idea stemmed from the headlined, shocking stories in the news of recently about food allergy sufferers dying from anaphylactic shock after consuming products from popular high-street cafes, which were incorrectly labelled. After seeing these stories, we knew that something had to change; this terrible mistake could easily reoccur and have an equally devastating result. This is where My Allergy ID comes in; an app which aims to eradicate this problem and massively aid both consumers and food manufacturers, restaurants and cafes – which we are collaborating directly with. Join the My Allergy ID food revolution – choose to eat!

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